Terms and Conditions

Welcome to my private psychology service.  The document details crucial information about the service and the terms and conditions of treatment. Upon your signature (or by attending the sessions), the document will constitute a binding agreement between you and your psychologist.  The service provider shall at all times be the psychologist.

The Initial Consultation

A 30 minute telephone consultation is offered free of charge to assess whether or not a full assessment is suitable.  If offered a full consultation the time will be used to gather further information and discuss the issues and expectations for further work together.  A formulation and treatment plan will be developed and information on suitable psychological interventions where found to be appropriate will be discussed following the initial assessment.  If you decide to go ahead with the treatment plan, further appointments will be discussed and arranged.

The following document sets out terms and conditions of service.  If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

Some of the information you share in with your psychologist in treatment may be very personal but the more open and honest you are will help the therapist to work more effectively on your difficulties.  Given the nature of the information you may share it is important for you to know this information will remain confidential.  This will allow you to feel safe and talk openly with your psychologist knowing that your right to privacy is protected.  Your psychologist will only discuss your information with a third party with your prior consent. 

Paper notes gathered during sessions will be held securely in a locked cabinet and only the psychologist will have access to this.  Any electronic notes will be held on a password protected computer.  As per professional guidelines, clinical notes will be kept for seven years after the last appointment and then destroyed.

Exceptions to confidentiality are set out below:

Your psychologist may discuss your case in supervision but names will not be identifiable and this is to ensure best practice and allow the psychologist a reflective space to think about your work together.   Rest assured the supervisor is also bound by the same principles of confidentiality.

The psychologist may need to break confidentiality, even without your consent, if there is a risk of harm to you or someone else if certain information is not disclosed. In this situation, the therapist will contact the person or service most able to help you, e.g. your GP, your key worker, social services, or the police. Wherever possible, the therapist will let you know what information has been shared and with whom.

If you share information where the psychologist is led to believe that any child, elderly person or vulnerable person is at risk of abuse or neglect, the law requires me to disclose this information to the appropriate services. 

If you have been referred to the service by a court for an evaluation of your mental state or issues relating to court, the court will require a report from your psychologist.  In some cases I may be required to disclose treatment plans or progress reports as part of the court process. 

In some case where the psychologist receives a subpoena or court order requesting your records, the psychologist will be required to provide any relevant information.

If your treatment costs are covered by your health insurance please be aware that your health insurer may request information on diagnosis, treatment plan and progress reports.  You will be asked to sign a consent form for the psychologist to release this information to the insurance company.  However, once this information is released to the insurance company the psychologist no longer has control over who sees it. The psychologist will discuss with you prior to sending any information what has been detailed.  It is then up to you what information will be shared with the insurer.  However, please note that if you do not give consent to release the information requested by the insurer they may refuse to fund your treatment.

Appointments and Cancellations

Standard appointments are 50 minutes long and are usually held once a week or once a fortnight.  The initial appointment and standard treatment session fees are agreed before you meet the psychologist so that you know how much you are going to spend.

Payment is made prior to the appointment itself, preferably by bank transfer, although cash is accepted too at the beginning of each session. All major credit/debit cards are also accepted at the beginning of each session.

If the cost of sessions is to be covered by private health insurance, an invoice will be sent to the insurer.  Any short fall in payment by the insurer must be covered by you. Please check with your insurer prior to making appointments that you are aware of any costs that may be incurred so this can be agreed with your psychologist prior to treatment.  Please note insurers will not pay for any missed or late cancellations, in this instance the psychologist will recover the cost from the client.

If you need to cancel an appointment you can do this by email or phone. 

Please note: cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full session fee. 

If the psychologist is taking planned leave they will give you as much notice of their absence as possible.  If the psychologist is sick and unable to make a pre-arranged appointment they will notify you at the earliest convenience.


Initial Assessment Session

An initial meeting is arranged to discuss the issues and agree a treatment plan where appropriate. The initial clinical assessment appointment will last around 90 minutes, and collaboratively we will work together to ensure the psychologist obtains a clear understanding of your issues and difficulties. This initial appointment also allows you to get to know the psychologist better and ensure you are ready to embark on treatment if found suitable.  No additional charge is made for longer assessment appointments.  This fee includes an initial formulation and treatment plan which will be used as starting point for any future treatment intervention.

£ 120 per initial assessment 

On-going Treatment Sessions

Following the clinical assessment and suitability is established, if your decision is to continue to work with the psychologist arrangements for weekly appointments will be discussed.  In some cases fortnightly sessions can be arranged.  Th approximate number of sessions required may be discussed at this point.

£90 per hour

*This rate may be higher for those accessing therapy through a third party insurer due to admin and invoicing time, please ask the psychologist for further details if you wish to use your private health provider to cover the cost of your fees.

*Discounts are available for trainee psychologists & therapists seeking personal therapy for approved training programs. For those people on a low-income, rates may be reduced with proof of earnings. These reduced rates will be at the discretion of the psychologist please ask for more details.

Sharing information with your GP

Your information shall remain confidential with the psychologist other than in circumstances mentioned earlier in the confidentiality section.  For some clients it may be helpful to contact your GP and keep them informed of your treatment and progress.  In some circumstances it may also be useful for the psychologist to contact your GP for details of your medical history.  The psychologist will always seek your consent before contacting your GP and you have the right to decline information sharing.

Dr Christine Omar is a registered psychologist with the following professional body:

  • Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC)
  • The British Psychological Society

Acknowledgement and Consent

By Signing this form you are consenting that:

  • You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this policy.
  • You have discussed and clarified and questions you have in relation to this document with the psychologist prior to signing.
  • By attending appointments you are accepting the contract terms and conditions.


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